Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, THAT didn't take long

So my inner critic has already driven away my inner muse.  Advice?

Also some random questions:

1) What do you hate most about fantasy?

2) What is your favorite vegetable?

3) Can I write a character as lesbian if I'm not one myself?


  1. Advice: tell your inner critic to put a sock in it until you get an outline, or better yet, a first draft. It's impossible to critique the story as a whole until it is.
    1. The same story, every time.
    2. Carrots
    3. Absolutely.

  2. I don't like high fantasy, but I'm a big magic realism/urban fantasy fan. My biggest gripe is to have what seems to be a well-developed world without answers to specific plot questions. Like the author was more interested in the world than the story.


    And if you can write a character of the opposite sex, why not of a different persuasion?

  3. The inner critic thing is a doozy and I'm having trouble myself but I think that 'plough on despite the shite' should be our rallying call.

    1. I don't hate fantasy at all - I particularly love Terry Pratchett.
    2. I have to say that the humble carrot is my favourite too.
    3. Absolutely.

  4. You've really just gotta trap inner critics and editors in a jar and not let them out till you're done. Sometimes, when you're adding another one to the jar, others escape. I recommend using a new jar for each critic/editor you encounter.

    1. The tendency toward repetition/redundancy and trying to finish the story too fast.

    2. Sweet potatoes.

    3. Yes.



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