Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Tribute to the Loves of My Childhood

There's an element of romance in my WIP, between two young twenty-somethings. So, in the name of "research" I've been checking out all my childhood (through age 16) crushes, and thought I'd treat you to a trip down memory lane (or sewer.)

"Never Fear, Brooklyn is Here."
Spot Conlon, Newsies

"I Move the Stars for No One"
Jareth, Labyrinth

"You were the first Goonie..."
Mikey (to One-Eyed Willie's skeleton), Goonies

"I have failed you, my empress...."
Atreyu, The Neverending Story

"Without you, I dwell in darkness"
Madmartigan, Willow

with special thanks for my real-life childhood crushes: Eli, Colin, Mark, Seth, Joel, Josh, Jon, Marty, Marc, and to PJ, my real-life forever crush.


  1. There is nothing like dredging through one's teenage crushes for the romance element in a WIP. I glanced at mine, decided they were all entirely foul and created "the hero"! :-)

  2. I'm going to have to come back to see all of these (of course I went straight to David Bowie - I spent most of the 80's lusting after him!). I don't recognise the first movie but I think I saw Christian Bale there.

    What a great walk through Memory Lane. I will be back to check out the rest! The school run beckons!



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