Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, I'm flipping back and forth from election results and feeling ill any time I see McCain's numbers increasing.  I'm glad for the validation for him, because, well, he's an old man and I would hate for him to feel he ran a totally bad race, but let's cut him off somewhere around 120 electoral votes, okay?

Speaking of voting, you really should vote in the poll I'm holding in my side bar.  It's vitally important to the future of our world.

In the meantime, I'm eating Beau Jo's (support Alta Vista Center for Autism!) and revamping my NaNo novel.  I found pictures of the setting I'm trying to create, and a suitable soundtrack, and am hoping that keeps me more on target.  The 1000 words I wrote yesterday aren't going to work at all, but I'm not deleting them either!  So there, NaNo gods!

What is the best advice you were ever given about NaNo? Or about writing? 


  1. Whoohoo, Aerin! And well done, America! And wasn't that an amazing speech. He won me when he said there'd be a puppy in the White House! :-)

    As for your poll - honey, a) I can't see the question and b) what are Tootsie Rolls?

    And keep going with that NaNo - yeah, go Aerin, go! Isn't it amazing how much images and soundtracks can help to get and keep one focussed.

  2. I choose #1 (Tootsie Rolls are indeed chocolate) and my vote wasn't counted.

    I've been disenfranchised!

  3. You will never get a book deal if you never write a first draft.

    It just won't happen, unless you're that girl from The Hills :-D



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