Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post #101: About the Computer

Okay, I'll stop numbering my posts, I'm just a little giddy that I'm still blogging. (Intelligibly or not is another topic.)

I wanted to thank everyone for the computer advice. I'm actually pretty good at backing up info, though I did buy another drive and backed up just frelling everything.

What had happened, though, was that the screen of my laptop - well, smashed. Not really; the plastic is still intact, but the lit display looks like the end of a kaleidoscope, or of the smashed-streaked-car-window they'd examine on CSI (Vegas, 'cause that's the only one that counts, with due respect to David Caruso) to determine what fluids are blood and which are cappuccino.

So I can see the little apple icon up in the left corner, to know that a menu drops when I click on it. What I can't see is....anything else.

I have a big deadline coming up at work, so I couldn't afford to lose access to the contents of my laptop to have it serviced. I'd been planning on buying a 20" screen anyway, so I got myself an early Christmas present, hooked it up to the laptop, and - ta da! Accessibility!

Now I'm hoping the laptop repair won't cost more than $500....*sigh*.....


  1. ouch, i feel for you :(

    i use my imac and emac, thus missing all the fun you portable users have ;) lol

  2. want a clone?

  3. YAY! I know what's wrong. It's just the graphics card! That's exactly what happened to the G4. All the info was completely intact. I'd bet my .... um ... Terry's Chocolate Orange on it! Because MACs have such super-duper whizzy-dizzy amazing graphics the cards wear out.

    Hubby just ordered one from the Apple store and popped it in. I will run upstairs right now and see if there is any other pertinent info.


    Hubby tells me I really ought to read more carefully. I didn't realise you'd physically broken the LCD panel - which is what he understands from your description. Even though the plastic surface is intact it sounds like everything underneath it is broken. Having had a look at what you wrote he said that you've done everything right. He says that you should make sure that you have an external copy of everything before you send the laptop for repair as they have a habit of reformatting everything in-store and it could come back blank. The LCD panel replacement (assuming 17") could indeed come to around $500. OUCH!

  5. ooh. sending you best of luck thoughts with the laptop.

  6. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while.
    I LOVE your template!!! It really has the look of you.

  7. I have a linux laptop that I can no longer use for any practical purpose because the screen is somewhat like yours. Someone else's kid knocked it off a bed onto the hardwood several years ago by jumping on the bed (silly me for leaving it in my room with the door closed and telling children not to go in there). The casing cracked, and after a few years of coaxing the thing to function with a screwdriver, I finally cracked the LCD. It's so old it is barely worth the effort to plug it into my desktop screen.

    I am very glad to hear you did not lose any data. Good luck with the big deadline!



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