Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Open Letter to Sarah Laurenson

While I try not to post political doctrine on this blog, I know Sarah through the writing blogosphere and for that reason feel that In Search of Giants is the best blog through which to reach her.

Dear Sarah,

While everyone else was rejoicing yesterday, I felt sick to my stomach.  How is it possible we won the war (the presidency) but lost so many battles?  Prop 8 in California and similar measures in Florida and Arizona (not to mention disability amendments.)

As the results rolled in Tuesday, and people posted their reactions to the presidential election, I kept waiting to hear how California would settle on Prop 8.   I kept thinking about all of the people in California I love whom this would affect.  I kept thinking about the words you wrote the other day about being a citizen.
I have been too busy or too cowardly to see what your and Lee's and those-people-I-love-who-don't-blog (and won't appreciate if I name them) reactions are to the bigotry and hatred the people of California have shown.  I know that many of those in favor of Prop 8 claimed to be so in the name of the Christian faith.  That makes me equally sick, and on behalf of all of the Christians who get silenced by the pompousness of the Religious Right, I apologize.  Christ never meant this.

When same-sex marriage was made legal in California, Miriam Perez wrote that she didn't think marriage was her golden ticket. I know that, at the time, as a straight white person, I took some comfort in that perspective, since I wasn't sure how long the tolerance of same-sex marriage would last. I'm ashamed, now, that such a thought would even enter my consciousness. 

I don't know how you're feeling, and words can't possibly help.  But I send the spirit of friendship across the miles, and wish you healing, and as much peace as you can find.


(And for anyone who wants to call me out, I will gladly discuss Biblical interpretation with you - since I do not think homosexuality is immoral - but we don't even need to get into that.  The conservative Christian argument falls along the lines that same-sex relationships are either immoral or not meant for procreation, and such relationships should not be granted legal status.  Murder is immoral, but murderers are allowed to marry - even in jail - and in some states, allowed to procreate.  Turner v. Safley, 482 U.S. 78  Likewise, a man and a woman can marry and are never penalized if they choose not to have children.  Logically, there is no Christian reason to outlaw same-sex marriage.)


  1. Aerin, having visited Sarah's blog today I have to say I spent quite some time in tears and feeling so angry. I too am going to blog about it. I don't live in California or The States but I have come to the conclusion that the voice for tolerance needs to be raised. To me this beggars belief. And it angers me that the message of love and tolerance that Jesus Christ preached is so often perverted by those who align themselves with the doctrine of hatred.

  2. Very nice, Aerin.

    I'm Catholic and I agree with you whole-heartedly... those who dispute this on the grounds of religion aren't paying close enough attention to what their church doctrine actually says, or they're picking and choosing. Either way, you've got to be an ass to hide behind a bible while inflicting pain on someone who would never raise a hand to hurt you.

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  4. BTW, I like the new look at your other house, but it's not letting me post a comment. It doesn't bring up the comment window.

  5. Bravo, Aerin, well said, and well argued too! I cannot believe that Americans could have voted for Obama and then taken a step back and done this on Prop 8. It's myopic. It's not going to bring an end to homosexuality so what's the point - never mind the pain and hurt it is causing people who want to legally be together because they love one another. Where's the humanity and compassion and understanding.
    Gay marriages are legal here and thank goodness for that!

  6. I'll call you out. How dare you *love* people as Christ calls you to do!

    I had pretty much the same thoughts as you did. Thanks for writing them down. :)



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