Sunday, November 2, 2008

NaNo Word Count

Can anyone tell me why I can't cut and paste my manuscript into word count verification?  It's very discouraging.  And the site is so ridiculously slow right now I can't even get onto the forums.


  1. It's because this first week of NaNo, the servers are completely overloaded with visitors and writers. About 3000 people are trying to update their word counts at any given time and that's already slowing the site down enormously; if the servers have to actually run the word count process themselves, it would kill the servers completely. It'll be back online when the traffic is more managable, usually after one or two weeks, when the newness has worn off for visitors and many writers have given up. You can still update your word count manually just by pasting the number in the box, which is what I've been doing :)

  2. I agree with Cory, just paste the number in manually. I couldn't figure it out either at first. Let's just write and not think about that until later on this week. Have a good Sunday!

  3. word counts can't be VERIFIED until the last week or something like that. When you have won, you verify then. Once verified you can collect your winners swag. But for now, to show off your progress, hop over to the My Novel info page within your profile.

  4. As someone said before me, I don't think you verify until you hit 5K and claim to have 'won NaNo'. At least, that's what I've been told.

    ....Unless it's a big conspiracy to keep the newbies out of the loop. No, my story hasn't made me paranoid. Really.

    How's it going anyway? :)



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