Sunday, November 2, 2008

NaNo v. Migraine: WINNER, Migraine

I had hoped to get 5,000 words by the end of the weekend, but at 3279, I'm fried.  Sunday mornings are my stress day at work (I'm a minister) and I think I will have to have a contigency plan for Sundays in case I just need to decompress.

I'm also feeling the drudge of - what's the point?  This is an occupational hazard - being a theologian means you think the snot out of everything.  And I get caught in the existential no-win loop of - why write, anyway?  Unless you're Margaret Atwood and you're writing the Handmaid's tale, what effect for good will you have anyway?

YES I believe in the power of art and the importance of story and god knows if I could have nothing else for the rest of my life I'd want my library and water and maybe a tootsie roll or two but the POINT is that - I'm just tired and grumpy and ill and feel like crap.

Back when I can pull off a positive attitude.  :) 'Night, folks!


  1. Mm. Gloomy Sunday. My college minister talked about the very thing. "The Paralysis of Analysis." How true for we who think.

  2. Feel better... I get migraines, too, there's no sense in trying to do anything but sleep it off... I don't know how bad yours get, but I can't move without getting nauseous... I don't know how you even tried writing through that.

    But at over three thousand words, it sounds like you've got quite a jump on it for two days:-)

  3. Aww, I'm sorry. I've been getting more migraines since I got married. Or maybe it's since I moved to Canada. Or maybe it's since I turned 30. They all kind of happened at once. Fortunately, my migraines seem to be pretty mild compared to what I hear described by others.

    At any rate, I hope you're feeling better and find yourself some productive writing time tomorrow. Shake off the feeling that it's pointless--and demand the internal (infernal) editor be silent. Sounds like you need Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird to cheer you on. Go get yourself a copy and read the chapters called "Shitty First Drafts" and "KFKD" or whatever she called it. It'll help. (She's very funny.)

    If you want, you can add me to your buddy list. I've got 10 pages, but since I'm relying on my Word word counter (and Mac's Word word counter is messed up), I don't know how many words I actually have.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I'm not keeping up either but I reckon that there'll be good days and bad days and it'll all work itself out in the wash.

    If you like I'll compose you another cheer! If you ever need a boost just shout out and I'll wave my wordy pom-poms!

    Rest well! xxx

  5. Aw, poor possum, hope you feel better and cheerier soon - and frankly, I'm with Merry, it sounds like, with over 3000 words, that you're off to a good start.
    Waving pompoms and shouting your name - admittedly D thinks I have now finally and irretrievably lost the plot...

  6. I hear you, sister. I got only 1722 on Saturday, and Sunday I didn't even crack the laptop open. So unless I kick some wordbutt today, I'm down 3500 words going into election day. Argh.



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