Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boys in Books Are Just Better

My Top 10 List of Literary Loves 
10. Will Scarlet, Outlaws of Sherwood
9. Luthe, The Hero and the Crown
8. Mac, Rose in Bloom
7. Tom, An Old-Fashioned Girl
6. Roiben, Tithe
5. Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre
4. Jim Frayne, Trixie Belden series
3. Numair, the Tortall series
2. Nathaniel "Nat" Eaton, Witch of Blackbird Pond
1. Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables series


  1. No Mr Darcy?

    There's a character called Ben in a book called Guardian who will give them all a run for their money (if I ever finish writing it! HA!)

    I loved Roiben too - have you read Ironside yet?

  2. Did you know that the book in the picture is New Moon? And yet none of Meyer's boys made the list.

  3. Janey - woohoo! Can't wait to meet Ben! And, no, I'm not a Mr. Darcy girl. (I'm not a huge Austen fan...I know, blasphemy....)

    B. - Of course I know it's New Moon. I still think Jacob teaching Bella to ride a motorcycle was a bad idea. (I actually think the two middle books were a pretty bad idea...) The post is a tribute to the movie releasing today. None of Rowling's boys made the list, either. I just feel too old.

  4. Oh, one of Rowling's made my list... I always had a bit of a thing for Sirius Black... must've been the bad boy thing...

    Phineas from A Separate Peace would've made my list, too... I read it in high school and lurved him...

    Ranger from Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series - yep, gotta be the bad boy thing...

    I've never actually thought about this before, but I could probably get together quite a list... oh, Dumas' men would definitely be in there - quite a few of them.

    How about a list of heroes that don't work for you... I have a long list of those, too.

  5. I don't know I've had some pretty good literary crushes on female characters with Nymphadora Tonks taking the top spot, but I think I could have fun with Stephanie Plum as well.

  6. Yeah, I can totally agree with a crush on Tonks...



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