Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost to 100; invoke Murphy's Law

It would figure that on my 98th post, my laptop fried itself. I mean, the thing is toast. And I hate hubby's PC, though I love hubby for giving it up for me when I started to have withdrawal.

All my NaNo stuff's on my laptop.

All of my photos.

All of my work documents, including next week's Advent candle liturgy.

All of my user names & passwords (who seriously remembers their FacebookBloggerBookMoochPaperbackSwapGoodReadsGoogle info? That's what a keychain is for.)

All of my cool graphics are on my laptop.

All of my contacts.

My MobileMe, which doesn't like being accessed from said PC.

My Posse info.

My shopping cart with a baby shower present that isn't getting ordered.

I'm lost. I mean, beyond, beyond, beyond helpless. Hopeless. There's not enough Zoloft in the world to get me til tomorrow morning when I can go to the Mac store. ACK.


  1. WHAT? OH NO!!!!!!


    you can try recovery? there are people who specialize in it?? may be expensive, tho...

  2. Good luck with data retrieval. Back up early and often. It's something we all know and think about but rarely actually do...

    Did I read over at Church Lady's that you have new ink? Will there be jpgs? Otherwise known as I'll show you mine if you show me yours... (of course, mine is on my calf so it's not particularly titillating. Though I do have nice calves, I think. Soccer player's calves.)

    I will send good silicon valley vibes for your hard drive and the ultimate retrieval of most of your irreplaceable data.

  3. If I could I would send you my Hubby and his "amazing abilities with all things MAC". He's a genius with them. We are a MAC house and as reliable as they are (and they are) they do choke every now and then. Our G4's graphics card seems to get overwhelmed every now and then. The good thing is we've always managed to retrieve everything. So fingers crossed for yours. Hubby is very insistent that I store all my book stuff on a memory stick as well as in my folder. I must go update today.

    I hope you get it all back and I hope you don't have to use the PC for much longer (*SHIVER*)

  4. OMG. That's my worst nightmare. I hope you can find most of your stuff....
    The only thing I really value is my WIP, which I always back up via hotmail. If hotmail ever busts, I'm going off a building.

  5. Hubby is very insistent that I store all my book stuff on a memory stick as well as in my folder.

    This is a good idea. The only caveat is that I left a memory stick in a carry-on bag once, and I think it was the x-ray that fried it. So be sure to keep the backup refreshed reasonably often.

  6. Aerin, that's awful! I hope you can get something from it. That's devastating.

    You should check out Dropbox. It backs up automatically and seamlessly, plus it's free up to 2GB. It also syncs between Windows and Mac.

  7. Oh no, Aerin!!! That's awful! Don't you know some wizard techie guy who can perhaps do a miracle recovery for you - there are people who do this kind of stuff.

    Sending huge (((HUGS)))



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