Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belated BBAW Wrap-Up

So, during BBAW, I held a contest in honor of Jen Robinson's "Reviews That Made Me Want the Book." The winner was Alyce (pictured below) of At Home with Books.

Alyce chose as her prize Graceling by Kristin Cashore, (which it took me two weeks to locate!). Then, because the book from which I was named, Hero & the Crown by Robin McKinley, was on her Fall Into Reading list, I sent that one, too!

On another note, I actually won something during BBAW! I got the email from Amy last week that I'd won the goody bag from Tote Bags n' Blogs. It arrived yesterday, and - OMG. Look at this prize:

Now, I've never heard of any of these authors before, as I don't usually read romantic fiction. But I had impulsively ordered a romantic fiction from PaperBack Swap about a month ago, and it was a lot like cotton candy - light, sweet, fluffy, to the point I can have it about once a month. And now I have enough to keep me set for a year! I am so so truly excited! (I also have to give a shout out to Raine for the tantalizing excerpts at her site that started me thinking about the genre, anyway.)


  1. That is an amazing prize that you won!

  2. I wondered who was going to win the contest. Congratulations to Alyce!! And congratulations to you on your prize, too.

  3. I am honored. ;)

    Good to see you, Aerin! Happy reading!

  4. Raine is the best person to bring you over to the dark side--romance. I hope you enjoy your monthly reads.

  5. Hey, that's Alyce! I know her! Congrats, lady :)

    That's quite a box of books you won during BBAW. Enjoy, even if you have to pace yourself!


  6. What a wonderful prize!!! Enjoy snuggling up during the winter and reading them all!

  7. I got my books today! Thank you so much for including The Hero and the Crown! The Shape Changer's Wife looks like fun too. Now I just need to stop requesting ARCs so I can sit back and enjoy all of my books. :)

  8. What a great prize! Look at all those books! I can't read the titles but they look like quite a lot of books in your goody bag so I am jealous!



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