Monday, May 5, 2008


This is my entry for Precie's contest this week.

“You wanted grandchildren that badly?” I asked my mother, over brownies and coffee and the head of the sleeping baby.

“Well, yeah. Seth’s such a natural father. And I knew better than to count on you.”

I huffed a bit, for effect.

“So, wait, weren’t you surprised when he came out?”

“Come on. I’m his mother. I knew he was gay. Okay, I didn’t absolutely know. But Dad and I were both pretty sure,” she said, returning the wayward pacifier to the waking infant’s mouth.

“Huh,” I said, and cut another brownie. My mother eyed me disapprovingly. “What? I’m breastfeeding. I need the extra calories.”

“I didn’t say anything.”


  1. Where's part 2?

    Just as I was getting into it, BAM! It's over! Very nice!!

    Thanks for being understanding about before. I hope you can pop over and take a look at the other contests! They're very easy and much shorter than my weekend contest. Four more authors left....


  2. I agree with Chris, I'd love to see where this is going and I think it could make an excellent flash fiction piece if you filled out a bit more.

  3. This isn't just a wonderful mother/daughter piece, it's also a great interaction between women and the way women speak to and love each other.
    I agree - more please!

  4. This is so interesting because there are so many interpretations that popped wildly into my brain! I do want to know more! Come on, keep writing. Come on! Please?

  5. I do love this - the tone of voice is so clear for both mother and daughter (for both of you?). Please do continue!



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