Sunday, April 20, 2008

Speed Story

McKoala has started something of a phenomenon. A week ago, she threw a few words of a short story up on her blog. Over the next four days, she continued the story in rough form, until - voila, she has a fantastic 5800 words.

I'm up next. Starting tomorrow I'll post the first chunk of a story, birthing it as I go. Won't you please come back and join me, offering your helpful critiques?

(Oh, and I finally submitted a writing exercise to Evil Editor: it's here. My not-so-funny-entries to Ello's caption contest are here.)

See you tomorrow!


  1. Cool! Can't wait to read your story as it develops!

  2. Ah, shoot. Jenny got to you first.

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your story develops! Cool idea. I loved your Evil Editor piece, the orange curtains and the waxed moustache made me snort! (But as I haven't read EE before, I didn't know who the Snark was!)

    As an FYI - I've decided to close Pastures New to the public because there was just WAY too much stuff on there about my family but I have started a new one called Whittering On ... the address of which is . Would you mind changing the link on your sidebar. Thanks so much for making me a Friend of Giants!

  4. Jenny - I'm doing the meme over at Oodellaly.

    Janey - I am not on EE much, either - but I read some old archives to come up with clues. And I'm changing your blog now!

  5. This is a really scary and neat idea.



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