Monday, March 24, 2008

April Fools' Contest

Welcome! Please, sit down. Get comfortable.

Thank you for joining us for our April Fools' Contest. It's a simple contest: Finish a story.

Not just any story, that would be too easy. The starter (see the orange box, to the right) has been provided by Precie S of Writer at Work, who's placed twice in the Clarity of Night** Short Fiction contests, has a PhD in Literature, and is addicted to Scrabulous and to chocolate.

The purpose of the contest is for entrants to have fun writing. No, really. It's musical chairs via Blogger, a roller coaster at the county fair, a virtual ice cream cone. Just a little spark of fun into the beginning of a blustery spring.

Write what you want - be it funny, serious, short, long (ish). Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? (My mom only let me read one; she said they were as bad as comic books.) Well, now's your chance to choose your own ending.

Think of this as a cocktail party, with door prizes. Thanks for coming!

DEADLINE: 9PM PST on Sunday, March 30 2008.
Readers Choice Voting held ONE DAY ONLY - Monday March 31 2008
Winners Announced Tuesday, April 1.

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3

1. Each entry must provide a full ending (rather than a continuation only) of Precie's story.
2. Entries should be between 200-750 words. Titles optional.
3. Each participant can submit up to three (3) separate entries.
4. Email entries to AERINBLOGS at AOL dot COM. Include your name and your URL (optional).
5. Readers' Choice voting to occur March 31. Voting will be by email. Voting is open only to those who commented on the contest or on stories before midnight, March 30 2008.
5. Anyone can enter. I claim publishing rights on each entry through Friday, April 4, 2008. All entries copyright their respective authors. Etc etc etc.

Prizes shall be awarded on a 100% subjective basis.
One $20 SuperCertificate to the author of Precie's favorite ending.
One $20 SuperCertificate to the author of Readers' Choice favorite ending.
One $10 SuperCertificate by random lottery.
As many HONORABLE MENTIONS as Precie wants to give.

Please email me with any questions.

** - Many thanks to Jason E. at Clarity of Night, from whom I blatantly swiped the contest structure.


  1. Congratulations!!! You have been nominated for a 2007 Best Of Blog Award!! Especially designed to bring attention to lower profile bloggers, The BoB’s as we like to call them are currently taking nominations in over 20 different categories. To find out more about how your site has a chance to become one of this year’s Best Of’s and how to nominate other bloggers, visit us at Remember voting begins April 14th so make sure you pass the word to your friends, family, and faithful followers.

    Bill Beck
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  2. I was going to come over and say how much fun this sounds, but BOB has swiped the spotlight.

    "What About Bob?" is one of my favorite movies. I hope this award is for real. If it is, many congratulations!!!

    I think I've been going to your other blog, which is why I haven't linked you. But I'm glad I found this one. I'll link this one, and sorry for the delay!


    (Precie sent me re the contest!)

  3. First of all, thanks so much for nominating The Clarity of Night for the best blog award! Very cool. :)

    Second, the contest looks like a lot of fun! Writing an ending is great idea. Cocktails are even better. Any chance I could get a Gin Gimlet?

    I'll drop a mention on my blog tonight.

  4. Cocktails are being served! Check the tab at the top right of the page that says "cocktails"!

  5. Oooh, cocktails!!!!

    A chocolate martini, please! At your convenience, of course.

  6. Your martini is served, my dear!

  7. Aerin, do you have any cocktails that come in 12 ounce bottles? Made from hops and barley?

  8. Mr. Troll, I am sorry, but you did not specify which type of 12-oz-bottle beverage you would like. I hope you'll be pleased with the lager I chose for you.

    And my goodness, we would never serve bottles here. You'll have to use a pilsner.




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